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From The Community

I’m so glad I made it. It was inspiring and uplifting! Facebook groups are cool but nothing like talking to women who are open and honest! Thank you for providing this forum.



You all reminded me of some things I care about but lost focus of on my homeschool journey. I plan to revamp some things. Thanks

La Tasha


I look forward to our next meeting! This was truly refreshing, informative, positive, and productive. I loved every minute of it!”



I had so much fun meeting everyone and sharing about our homeschool journey. It was such an encouragement and it felt good being able to socialize with adults! LOL!”



Let me just tell you how excited Bishop is for the very first time about reading!!!!! …I think it’s a combination of the book itself but more so reading with other BOYS …we started reading the book with him as our family book because we thought that might encourage him to read it but a few nights ago I caught him in bed reading ahead without us😳 claiming since we skipped a night reading it as a family he couldn’t wait to see what happened next so now he’s reading it on his own …girl I’ve never seen him like this before and I love it❤️ …that’s 3 for 3 young readers in the house now😆 THANK YOU Mishawnda👊



Amazing and patient teacher. She took the time to schedule a one on one to discuss my son’s weaknesses and what I would like her to work with him on. My son looked forward to his class every week.



I just love this group and it is so encouraging to see such wonderful black women homeschooling and supporting each other!



Ms. Aisha is fantastic! My daughter has been working with her since the fall of 2019. We have focused on Language Arts and Writing at the 5th and 6th-grade level. She makes our daughter feel comfortable and helped overcome her fear of reading out loud. Her reading comprehension is above average for her grade level, and we attribute that to Ms. Aisha working with her every week. I would highly recommend Ms. Aisha and WhatupHomee tutoring services. This fall, we will be attending public school, and you better believe Ms. Aisha will be on speed dial.



It has been such a blessing to have this community during this time. It literally has saved me. I was drowning a bit in this experience and was so stressed and this has made the whole process just better. (My son) loves each of his classes, looks forward to them, and shows up ready for the teachers. He feels so affirmed and really enjoys the students.