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Words of Affirmation from the community.

Let me just tell you how excited Bishop is for the very first time about reading!!!!! ...I think it's a combination of the book itself but more so reading with other BOYS ...we started reading the book with him as our family book because we thought that might encourage him to read it but a few nights ago I caught him in bed reading ahead without us😳 claiming since we skipped a night reading it as a family he couldn't wait to see what happened next so now he's reading it on his own ...girl I've never seen him like this before and I love it❤️ ...that's 3 for 3 young readers in the house now😆 THANK YOU Mishawnda👊

Yrana California

Hi Fam. Princess 👑 Akira has joined her 1st ever 📚 book club, Lil'Homees. She is reading it now and getting ready for their 1st meeting on 7/8/20 via Zoom🎉. Their 1st book is "The Prince Warrior" by Priscilla Shirer. Please pray that PA and her club members will have an awesome experience, and develop a great fond for books that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Thanks 😊 ❤️ 💕Thanks Mishawnda!!!

La Tasha Missouri