WhatupHomee offers FREE monthly special events as opportunities for our community to learn together as we seek to affirm the cultural contributions of Black people and celebrate the historical contributions of Black people year-round.

These are two of WhatupHomee’s core values.

Check our digital museum and additional resources for information about 11 dope Black artists and painters we’ve learned about:

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Who’s neighbor gave them lessons at age 14? 

Attended an art conservatory in Russia with his twin brother at age 11?

Who was a Harlem Renaissance artist and Howard University educator?

Began drawing with his mom who also took him to museums?

Began drawing at an early age but her parents wanted her to be a doctor?

Best known for a series of paintings called the Migration Series?

Referred to as the Father of Black American Art?

First professional sculptor of African American descent? 

Made small animal figures out of natural red clay as a child?

Photographed the Black middle and upper class during the Harlem Renaissance?

Mentored by Augusta Savage, married to Jacob Lawrence?

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