15 Encouraging Quotes for Black Homeschoolers

Recently, my family and I have been in a super busy season in our homeschooling. Our days are often long and hectic with homeschool lessons, co-op classes, music and foreign language lessons, math tutoring, and one of my girls even has a part-time job. Additionally, my husband and I are entrepreneurs running two separate businesses. It’s ALOT!

Last week, my girls had their first semi-formal dance and it became extremely overwhelming and discouraging trying to balance it all while dress shopping, shoe shopping, scheduling hair appointments, etc. Attitudes started flaring and tears started flowing, so we took a few days off. We needed to slow down and talk about whether we’re focused on the right things and if are we’re doing too much? We’re working together to realign our priorities and to create a daily schedule with more balance.

Homeschooling can be hard. You may not be dealing with the busyness of homeschooling and entrepreneurship like my family, but maybe you’re dealing with an unsupportive spouse or other family members. Maybe you’re dealing with an uncooperative child. Maybe you’re not sure if your kids are learning enough and whether you should continue homeschooling. You’re not alone. We’ve all experienced hard days on this homeschool journey and need encouragement along the way.

If for any reason you need to be encouraged today, here are 15 quotes by Black history makers to encourage and inspire you on the hard days.

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