About Us

WhatupHomee is an online platform that recognizes the need for real-life connections between like-minded home educators who share culture, common interests, and location. Our online community makes it easier to connect, chat, share resources, and meet up virtually with black homeschoolers locally and nationally.

Our Goals

  • To promote the unity of black homeschoolers locally and nationally.
  • To facilitate meaningful relationships between black homeschoolers.
  • To serve as an advocacy organization for Black homeschoolers.
  • To encourage, inspire, and empower black families to homeschool.
  • To provide academic resources and social events that celebrate black history and affirm black culture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect, support, and promote the local and national black homeschool community, and to increase diversity, equity, and belonging within the broader homeschool community.

Our virtual homeschool meetups, book clubs, and anime club provide opportunities for black homeschoolers to meet up with each other regardless of geographical location. See our EVENTS tab for more information. We recently launched The WhatupHomee Collaborative an alternative educational ecosystem designed to give freedom and flexibility to students, parents, and educators. For more details about joining the collaborative as a parent or educator, Click here