Created by Black homeschoolers

for Black homeschoolers


WhatupHomee’s mission is to provide a safe space for Black homeschoolers to meet, share resources, and find support.


These core values inform what we do and how we do:


Love for the Lord Jesus Christ and love for others.


Building relationships and cultivate partnerships


Leverage our collective knowledge and experience


Open, honest, and respectful


Innovative ideas, outside the box thinking

Black Culture

Find every opportunity to affirm the cultural contributions of Black people

Black History

Find every opportunity to celebrate the historical contributions of Black people

Our Vision

To normalize homeschooling in the Black community and create a world where:

Black homeschooling families are no longer seen as outliers.

Local Black churches and community centers provide homeschooling resources and support in the urban core.

Our kids have easier access to academic resources and social events that celebrate Black history and affirm Black culture.

Every Black homeschooler in every community knows where to find other Black homeschoolers locally.

Every Black family sees homeschooling as a viable option, whether they choose to do it or not.