About CEO

My name is Mishawnda Mintz.

I’m CEO and co-founder of WhatupHomee LLC, mother of 4 (3 still at home), and 15-year homeschooling veteran.

Over our 15 years of homeschooling, my family and I have relocated a few times. Every time we’ve moved, we’ve been frustrated by the time and effort it takes to find other black homeschoolers in our local community.

Recognizing that this is not only a pain point for me and my family but also for many of the estimated half a million black and minority homeschoolers in communities all across the US, my husband James and I created WhatupHomee.

The name WhatupHomee is a vibe. It’s that feeling you experience when you connect with another home educator (Homee) that shares your culture and values, and therefore can more relate to your home education experiences.

Join the WhatupHomee community to connect with other Homee(s) in your area.