5 Daily Affirmations For

Homeschooling Mamas

I created these 5 affirmations to encourage myself and other homeschooling mamas during the times of discouragement and doubt that we all experience on our homeschool journeys.

Affirmations help to inspire us and remind us of why we do what we do. 

Read these FIVE empowering affirmations daily to help you build confidence and cultivate a homeschool mindset.


First, affirm that your knowledge of who your child is and what their needs are makes you the most qualified and equipped person to educate them. No one knows your child better or loves them more and that makes you the most equipped person to educate them.


Secondly, declare that you have the courage to keep moving forward. Don’t let fear distract you. Remember why you started your homeschool journey and don’t give up. There are days that fear of failing your child will tempt you to quit. Don’t give in to that fear. Take courage and keep moving forward.


Third, affirm that you have the humility to learn and explore with your child. Think of yourself as more of a guide than a teacher or educator. Don’t let pride be an obstacle in your homeschool journey. Ask for advice from other homeschooling moms and outsource subjects to tutors or co-ops when necessary.


Fourth, state your commitment to being flexible. If your curriculum or schedule is not working for you and your child, change it. Don’t wait until the next term, semester, or year. Also, realize that because something worked last year or with one child, doesn’t mean it will work this year or with another child. Seasons change. Adapt and find what works for your child in this season.


Lastly, affirm yourself as your child’s primary educator and be confident in the safe home environment that you’ve created for your child. Our children are always learning from their natural environment (the people, places, and things that are around them). Create an environment that facilitates the exploration of new interests and cultivates the honing of existing interests.


I hope you found these affirmations encouraging and empowering no matter where you are on your homeschool journey.

Use our FREE printable to post them up where you can see them and say them out loud daily.

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