Recommended Resources

Here’s a list of over 90 resources that I have personally used and recommend for creating or supplementing your homeschool curriculum.

This list is not exhaustive but includes the resources we most enjoyed.

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Autobiographies and Biographies

Reading biographies about real people that overcame obstacles and accomplished something great inspires us. 

Learning about history within the context of someone’s life experience has helped us connect with history more deeply and personally.

Bibles and Biblical Worldview

As a follower of Christ, teaching my children to study the word of God and encouraging them to cultivate a personal relationship with Christ is most important to me. 

We’re currently working our way through the Jude Bible Study by Jackie Hill Perry.

Black Culture

Black culture is the most criticized while at the same time most appropriated culture worldwide. 

Because of this, we are intentional about cultivating an environment where Black-ness is affirmed.

Christian Fiction

Christian fiction is an overlooked resource for believers to explore spiritual truths in a creative and interesting way. 

My girls and I highly recommend The Delusion series for teens.

Classic Literature

Here are a few of our favorite classical literature books. The Outsiders is one of my girls’ all-time favorite books. 

Educational Games

We’ve played these games both during “school” for educational purposes and on family game nights for fun! 

I included playing cards and Dominoes because I think we forget that teaching our kids to play Spades and Dominoes can be fun ways to reinforce mental math.

Fables, Myths, and Tales

My children and I have always enjoyed reading fables and myths together.

 Especially, my son who would request I read Aesop’s Fables and Peter Rabbit stories with him daily when he was younger. 

Reading these stories provided opportunities to have deep conversations about having good character and morals.

Graphic Novels

All of my children are creatives. All three of them draw daily and two of them write daily. 

They read graphic novels and comics in their free time so it only made sense to find a way to incorporate them into our homeschool.


In addition to using autobiographies and biographies to study history, we also read books with historical narratives from diverse perspectives. 

I decided early in our homeschool journey that I would not teach them the same white washed version of American history that I was taught.

Historical Fiction

Historical fiction can be a great addition to both your history and ELA curriculum. Christopher Paul Curtis is our favorite historical fiction writer. 

We read Bud, Not Buddy as a family and then listened to the audiobook during a family road trip.

Marriage and Parenting

Homeschooling is more than an educational option. It’s a lifestyle choice.

So parenting styles and family dynamics will directly impact how you homeschool.

These resources have helped shape my marriage and how my husband and I parent our children. Therefore, they have impacted how we homeschool.


We love the rhythm and the rhyme of poetry as well as the use of figurative language. Reading poetry has helped my children become better readers and writers. 

Pre-Reading and Early Reading

These are some of the books we read daily when my children were learning to read. Hop on Pop was the first book that each one of them learned to read independently. 

Fly Guy and Pete the Cat were the first series that my son got into as an early reader.


Here are a few books we’ve used to supplement copywork and written narration to improve handwriting, encourage creativity, and reinforce writing mechanics. 

Not sure how to use these resources in your homeschool?

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