Hey, my name is Solomon. I’m Mishawnda’s 12 year old son and this is my “super cool summer reading list.” I’m not gonna lie to you… My mom is making me read all of these books, but so far I’ve enjoyed reading them. Now let’s get into it…

 My summer reading list includes some really good books.

Now don’t tell my mom that or else she will make me read more.

I just finished reading a book called When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed based on a true story about a kid named Omar and his little brother Hassan. Omar and Hassan live in Dadaab, a refugee camp in Kenya. Omar has the opportunity to attend school but he doesn’t want to leave his brother. Omar and Hassan are grown up now and left the refugee camp. 

The Last Gate Of The Emperor is another book I’m reading. It’s written by Kwame Mbalia the author of the Tristen Strong book series. The Last Gate Of The Emperor is about this kid named Yared. He has an uncle named Moti. Yared and his uncle Moti have traveled all around the galaxy. They moved to a place called Addis Prime.  One day, Yared was skipping school for a VR (virtual reality) battle royale tournament called Hunt for Kaleb’s Obelisk. His friend Haji told him to enter the tournament using his real name instead of his username which is TheGr8. His uncle told him to not ever put his real name in anything. When the characters from the game come to life, Yared has to save the world.

The lesson is to not skip class kids even for a video game tournament that will give you millions of dollars and listen to your guardian when they tell you not to do something.

I’ve also been reading It’s Trevor Noah Born a Crime. I read the first chapter with my sister Shaia and it was really good. It was very funny too.

Trevor straight up got thrown out of a bus at age 9 by his mom!

Well, she had a good reason, but still. 

There’s one more book I want to talk about. It’s called Uncomfortable Conversations With A Black Boy written by Emmanuel Acho. You probably know him from the ESPN show Speak For Yourself or as a football player. He wrote the book mostly for white people but it can help me too. It teaches you about bias and racism. It helps you understand that some things you do can be offensive to Black people. Ocho was explaining how he had believed stereotypes about Black people that are not true. He teaches you how to deal with that kind of stuff.

Other books on my summer reading list that I have not started reading yet are:

As Brave As You by Jason Reynolds

Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson

Marcus Makes A Movie by Kevin Hart

Amari and The Night Brothers by B.B. Alston

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Thank you for reading my blog post. 

Have your kids read any of these books? What’s on their summer reading list?

Let me know in the comments.

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