The Collabo

We are a collaborative of homeschool educators, public school educators, entrepreneurs, and professionals working together to provide black students all over the world with access to dynamic educational opportunities that empower their lives and prepare them for the future.

We offer an alternative educational ecosystem that allows you to put together a customized curriculum of high-quality LIVE classes that suit your student’s individual and personal needs.

This freedom and flexibility will benefit students, parents, and educators. Students can take classes that truly interest them or try something new. Educators can focus on teaching what they are truly passionate about. Parents will find more options that fit their family’s schedule and budget.

If you’re looking for high-quality educational opportunities for your child click here for our current class offerings.

If you are a passionate subject matter expert interested in sharing your knowledge, see the calendar below to schedule a quick chat to learn more about joining The Collabo as an educator.

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