WhatupHomee offers FREE monthly special events as opportunities for our community to learn together as we seek to affirm the cultural contributions of Black people and celebrate the historical contributions of Black people year-round.

These are two of WhatupHomee’s core values.

Check our digital museum and additional resources for information about 11 dope Black scientists and inventors we’ve learned about:

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Discussion Questions

Which historical figure…?

  1. Developed blood banks
  2. Developed a treatment for leprosy
  3. Wrote almanacs
  4. Invented GEOSAT
  5. Invented the traffic light
  6. Worked as a human-computer for NASA
  7. Was called the Peanut Man and the Plant Doctor
  8. Had 60 patents
  9. Was the first Black woman in space
  10. Invented the Super Soaker
  11. Was the first woman to receive a Ph.D in chemistry
  12. Worked with the American Red Cross
  13. Received Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015
  14. Built the first American clock out of wood

Additional Resources