The homee(s) and I always share valuable homeschool resources and information at our Virtual Homeschool Meetups on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.

At a recent meetup, we shared our must-have homeschool tech and tools.

Having the right apps, digital media, electronics, and other essential tools can help your homeschool days run more smoothly and increase productivity.

So I compiled a list of essential tech and tools the homee(s) are using in their homeschools:

TEDx Talks and TED-Ed– educational videos

Crash Course and CrashCourse Kids– educational videos

Mystery Doug– elementary science videos

Dreambox– K-8 digital math program

Generation Genius– K-8 science videos

MobyMax– K-8 online curriculum, adaptive learning in all subjects

Henry Louis Gates DVD– history documentaries

High on the Hog– Netflix food history documentary

Mobile Hotspot- access wifi on the go ( check with your mobile provider and some local libraries are loaning them out)

Homeschool ID from Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Audiobooks– helpful for early or reluctant readers and great for car rides ( You can access audiobooks through most libraries but I also have a subscription with  Scribd)

Google– the noun and the verb

Dry-erase boards– essential for multiple children at the same time and visual learners

Sheet protectors or Laminator- for preserving resources and creating reusable resources

File Folders– for organizing records and resources

Composition Notebooks– for written narration, journaling, etc.

Pencils– my kids and I prefer writing and drawing in pencil and are partial to the Ticonderoga brand

Pencil Sharpener– definitely essential for our homeschool full of writers and artists

Printer- a necessary investment for access to the abundance of FREE printable resources all over the internet

Hole puncher– for adding holes to printables to be stored in binders

Paper clips– for securing related papers temporarily

Stapler– for securing related printables together more permanently

Library cards- provide access to a plethora of free print and digital resources

Trapper Keeper style binders– for helping your student stay organized and keep it all together. Plus, they’re cool.

I hope you find this list to be a helpful resource on your homeschool journey.

Let us know your must-have homeschool tech and tools in the comments.

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